The UK’s Secret Singers

Do you know the Secret Singers? No, I don’t mean “any” secret singers – I am talking about the real Secret Singers from the UK!

The Secret Singers are the most popular surprise entertainment act in the UK right now.

The guys specialise in weddings, birthdays and other such types of family occasions. We just had the yearly Christmas get-together in the company where I had the pleasure to see the Secret Singers for myself, for the very first time. I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised!

Below I posted a video of one of their “Secret Singers Life Evening Shows“, so you can get an impression about their performance. Maybe, if you have a wedding or a birthday coming up next year, I highly recommend that you check them out!

A Gift Idea for Sports Enthusiasts

If you have a relative or friend who loves sports, and here in particular horse racing , I have a great gift idea for you.

What about giving him or her some solid horseracing tips? Better even, you can get those tips free which makes this type of gift not only really unique and creative but also ideal if you don’t want to spend too much money!

Most folks who are enthusiastic about horseracing in the United Kingdom are always keen on getting some tips and strategies that can help them to win the one or the other but the next time they visit the racetrack. So you can imagine how happy my friend Andrew was winner gave him a bunch of racing tips for his birthday last year.

Low and behold, why didn’t go home with a millionaire is still one quite a bit of money which allowed him to write us all to dinner and finally get his car fixed too!

Now, as you can imagine getting horseracing tips that work isn’t always very easy. There is simply too many shady sources out there who are just in for the money and whose racing strategies don’t really work at all.

In my opinion, one of the better websites out there if you’re talking about horseracing in the UK is the horse racing pro website. The good thing about this site is that the guys providing free tips, at least for those in the United Kingdom. This is also how I got those great free horse racing tips that I used as a gift for Andrew.

So if you have a friend who loves the races, why not do something different and give them some working was racing tips as a nice surprise this Easter?


Is Apple’s $17K Watch A Collector’s Item?

apple-watch-goldWould you want to spend $17,000 on Apple’s latest smart watch?  Would you consider Apple’s watch a collectors item?

According to the experts at Barrons, Apple’s latest creation is not really something a serious watch collector would be keen on owning.

The  watch collection experts at Barron’s Penta said that they were “floored” by the pricing. According to their awards, “these are commodity pieces, basically a small computer that is wrapped in gold, with nothing intrinsically unique or irreplaceable about them”.

In other words, aside from the high price for the watch there’s really nothing too special about it at least according to Richard C. Morais, Penta’s editor.

When asked about the watch, Mr Morais said that such limited-edition watches like Apple’s latest isn’t really anything special. Watchmakers such as Panerai or IWC sell similar limited edition watches priced about the same as the Apple much. He pointed out that the $17,000 timepiece is pretty much the same as their base model but then with gold and a leather band.

Several watch collector enthusiasts in the UK and elsewhere agree that Apple’s latest high-priced timepieces are all about status and style – not exactly the domain of serious watch collectors.

What do you think? Would you consider the $17,000 limited edition Apple worthy of buying for your collection? Let us know!

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