Is Apple’s $17K Watch A Collector’s Item?

apple-watch-goldWould you want to spend $17,000 on Apple’s latest smart watch?  Would you consider Apple’s watch a collectors item?

According to the experts at Barrons, Apple’s latest creation is not really something a serious watch collector would be keen on owning.

The  watch collection experts at Barron’s Penta said that they were “floored” by the pricing. According to their awards, “these are commodity pieces, basically a small computer that is wrapped in gold, with nothing intrinsically unique or irreplaceable about them”.

In other words, aside from the high price for the watch there’s really nothing too special about it at least according to Richard C. Morais, Penta’s editor.

When asked about the watch, Mr Morais said that such limited-edition watches like Apple’s latest isn’t really anything special. Watchmakers such as Panerai or IWC sell similar limited edition watches priced about the same as the Apple much. He pointed out that the $17,000 timepiece is pretty much the same as their base model but then with gold and a leather band.

Several watch collector enthusiasts in the UK and elsewhere agree that Apple’s latest high-priced timepieces are all about status and style – not exactly the domain of serious watch collectors.

What do you think? Would you consider the $17,000 limited edition Apple worthy of buying for your collection? Let us know!

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